About the Designer

Vanessa Alexander grew up traveling the world. From a young age, she was influenced by both her international experiences and her mother's strong aesthetic and passion for collecting art. 

After several years in the entertainment industry (and meeting her husband - who shares her obsession with aesthetics), Vanessa elected to redesign her life, focusing on a new family and the design and building of unique and personal spaces for her clients. 

With contacts from 'The Industry,' a drive to create the perfect home for her own family and a few private projects under her belt, Alexander Design was born. It is now a thriving, multifaceted firm with residential, creative, hospitality and retail projects from California to New York, Miami and beyond. 

The style of Alexander Design employs a blend of contemporary, custom/bespoke and vintage pieces from a variety of periods, creating a layered feel that is rich in texture and influence yet functional and elegantly effortless. Inspired by light (Both natural and curated), the logistical rythym of space and a practical lifestyle, Vanessa's works TELL a STORY  - beginning at the front door and unfolding throughout.